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  • How to Sell Your Boat: The Guide to Getting a Good Deal

    How to Sell Your Boat: The Guide to Getting a Good Deal

    How to Sell Your Boat and get the best deal

    If you are wondering how to sell your boat and get a good deal for it, then this is the right place to be. 

    We know that selling a boat is not so simple, especially when there’s history and memories attached to that boat; you not only want to sell your boat to someone who cares but also get good money for it. 

    In this article, we will give you the ultimate complete guide to everything you need to know when it comes to selling a boat. 

    The Different Ways to Sell a Boat

    There are many ways to sell a boat. The best method for you will rely heavily on your personal circumstances. 

    Things like the level of involvement you’re comfortable with and how quickly you wish to make the sale will influence your decision. 

    Let’s dive into the three primary ways you can sell your boat and what each entails.

    Sell It on Your Own

    Going solo might be the best choice for you, but it takes more time. This route is for those who prefer to have direct control over the selling process.


    • No Broker Fees: You won’t have to pay a commission fee, which can save you a significant amount of money.
    • Personal Touch: You have an intimate knowledge of your boat, which can be compelling to buyers.
    • Full Control: You get to decide when to show the boat, negotiate deals, and, ultimately, close the sale.


    • Time-Consuming: You’ll invest time in creating listings, taking calls, and meeting potential buyers.
    • Marketing Efforts: Promoting the sale effectively is entirely up to you and requires some marketing savvy.
    • Paperwork: You’re responsible for all the legalities and paperwork involved in the sale.
    • With this method, if you don’t know the personnel who is buying from you, ther0s always a small chance of getting scammed. 

    Boat Brokerage

    Another popular choice is hiring a boat broker. This option will save you a lot of time and give you peace of mind.


    • Expertise: Brokers are knowledgeable about the market and have the skills to negotiate effectively.
    • Marketing Network: They have access to a larger network of buyers and various platforms to list your boat.
    • Convenience: They handle the heavy lifting – from listings, viewings, and negotiations to paperwork, so you don’t need to do a thing. 


    • Commission Fees: Brokers typically charge between 5% to 10% of the sale price as their commission.
    • Less Involvement: Some sellers like to be involved in the process, which is something that you won’t be able to do when going with a broker.
    • Trust Factor: You need to trust your broker to act in your best interest while not fully knowing that person. 
    Valley Marine Nebraska How to Sell Your Boat_ A Complete Guide to Getting a Good Deal

    Sell It to a Boat Dealer

    For us, of course, this is the way to go; you just get the sale done and let us (or any boat dealer) do the rest. 

    So, Selling your boat directly to a dealer can be the most straightforward option.


    • Quick Sale: Dealers can often agree to a purchase much quicker than a private sale.
    • Trade-In Options: If you’re looking to buy another boat, dealers usually offer trade-in deals, simplifying the transaction.
    • Less Hassle: There’s no need for you to arrange viewings or deal with multiple prospective buyers.


    • Limited Negotiation: Dealers often have set prices, leaving less wiggle room for negotiation.
    • Market Restrictions: Some dealers may only be interested in certain types of brands of type of boats depending on their niche, so not all of them will be willing to buy your boat. 

    Prepare Your Boat for the Sale

    So, whatever route you decide to take, you first need to get your boat ready, clean, neat, and functional. You want others to see the boat for its true beauty.

    So, what can you do to ensure your boat is in its best shape?

    Clean and Repair

    Before listing your boat for sale, it’s essential to present it in the best possible light. Start with a thorough cleaning, investing time and effort into every nook and cranny from bow to stern. 

    The gleam of well-polished surfaces and the absence of dirt can significantly enhance the first impression your vessel makes on potential buyers. 

    It’s not just about aesthetics; it also speaks to how well the boat has been cared for. 

    However, this doesn’t mean to portray a fake image; a clean boat can still have its details and scratches. 

    Addressing any minor damages or signs of wear and tear is equally important, and even fixing them if you can. 

    This might include repairing upholstery tears, patching up paint chips, and ensuring all equipment is in working order.

    Gather Records

    A well-documented service history is like a logbook of your boat’s life. Collecting all maintenance records, manuals, and warranty information is a crucial step in preparing for a sale. 

    These documents paint a detailed picture of the boat’s upkeep and can answer many potential questions a buyer might have about its past use and care. 

    Providing complete records also instills confidence, transparency, and attention to detail that resonates well with conscientious buyers.

    How to Buy a Used Boat from a Private Seller_ Our go-to Strategy Marine Nebraska

    Get It Assessed

    Understanding the true value of your boat is key when entering the market. Considering a professional appraisal serves multiple purposes. 

    First, it offers a realistic evaluation of your boat’s worth, helping you to avoid unrealistic expectations that could thwart potential sales. 

    A professional assessment takes into account numerous factors, from the boat’s condition and age to the current market demand. 

    Moreover, it demonstrates due diligence on your part, potentially fast-tracking the sale process by reassuring the buyer of the boat’s value.

    Set a Competitive Price

    Strike a balance between attracting buyers and receiving fair compensation for your investment. 

    Remember, setting a price too high may deter potential buyers, causing your boat to linger unsold. 

    Pricing it too low could lead you to lose out on deserved profits and inadvertently signal that there might be something amiss with the boat. 

    The goal is to be patient and know that your boat is selling at a competitive price in the market that you are in. 

    Be Realistic

    Lastly, being realistic is key. Give a critical review of your vessel, acknowledging both its strengths and imperfections. 

    Consider how it compares to similar boats currently available—does it offer more features, or has it logged more hours at sea? 

    Exaggerating the condition or capabilities of your boat not only jeopardizes the sale but can tarnish your reputation as a seller. In contrast, a sincere depiction of your boat, backed by evidence and documentation, can greatly smooth the waters of the transactional process. 

    How to Sell Your Boat on Your Own

    If you decide to go for a brokerage or sell it to a boat dealer like Valley Marine, then there’s not much to think or worry about. 

    However, if what you want is to do the full selling process, then these tips can save you a lot of time and money: 

    How to Sell Your Boat_ At valley Marine

    Create a Stellar Listing

    Crafting an outstanding online listing for your boat is essential; try to make your boat look appealing while still being honest. 

    A compelling listing is straightforward and transparent while also showcasing the best features of your vessel. 

    The key is to accurately represent your boat, highlighting its unique selling points without exaggerating or obscuring the truth. Honesty not only fosters trust and loyalty from customers but also strengthens your credibility.

    When creating your listing, use descriptive copy that details the boat’s features and benefits. Your honesty will resonate with potential buyers, significantly enhancing the appeal of your listing and ultimately contributing to a successful sale.

    Internet Listing

    Listing your boat for sale online offers numerous advantages, such as a wider audience reach and the convenience of digital communication with potential buyers.

    An online platform can efficiently connect you with a large pool of interested parties far beyond the local market. 

    It also allows for extensive display of your boat through photos and videos, providing a virtual showcase that can entice buyers. 

    However, there are drawbacks, including the potential for fraud and intense competition from other sellers. 

    Nevertheless, a well-crafted, honest, and detailed online listing can still be pretty successful. 

    Be sure to use secure platforms and practices to safeguard against dishonest interactions.

    How to Sell Your Boat valley marine

    Websites to Sell Your Boat

    • boats.com

    A leading platform that features thousands of boat models and attracts a significant volume of boat shoppers.

    • Boat Trader

    Recognized as the #1 marketplace to buy and sell boats in the US, offering a vast selection of new and used boats, outboard motors, engines, and trailers.

    • Craigslist

    A longstanding and ubiquitous classified ad website that’s a popular choice for local listings, including boat sales.

    • Facebook Marketplace

    This platform is widely used for a variety of classified listings, including boats. While there are many people on this platform, you can always find your niche audience looking for what you sell. 

    • iboats.com

    Hosts an extensive community and classifieds section with a wide range of used boat listings.

    • YachtWorld

    This platform offers a large database and multiple listing system for both new and used yachts and boats for sale.

    Local Showings

    Conduct local showings by taking your boat out to a lake. This can be an effective direct marketing strategy. 

    This hands-on approach allows potential buyers to see the boat in action, appreciate its seaworthiness, and envision themselves at the helm.

     Personal demonstrations can pique interest and give your boat an edge over others that are only viewed in static settings, like a marina or on land. 

    While this method requires more time and effort, it often results in a more engaged and committed buyer.

    Tips for a Pro Listing

    • Take Great Photos: Use clear, high-quality photos that show off your boat’s best angles. Include shots of the exterior, interior, engine, and any special features.
    • Write a Clear Description: Put together a description that highlights key features and benefits. Mention any recent upgrades, the boat’s condition, and why you’re selling it.
    • Spread the Word: List your boat on popular and reputable boating websites, social media platforms, and in boating magazines. Don’t forget local bulletin boards at marinas!
    How to Sell Your Boat_ A Complete Guide to Getting a Good Deal

    Seal the Deal

    When you start getting offers, it’s time to negotiate and finalize the sale.

    Be Open to Negotiation

    Once you begin receiving offers for your boat, it’s crucial to engage in effective negotiation tactics and be well-prepared to finalize the sale. 

    A little flexibility can lead to a quick sale, but know your bottom line so you don’t accept less than what your boat is worth.


    Have all necessary documents ready. This includes the title, bill of sale, and any transfer forms required by your state or region.

    A comprehensive set of paperwork not only reinforces the legitimacy of the sale but also streamlines the administrative side of the transaction, providing a smoother transition for both parties involved.


    Lastly, it’s imperative to agree upon a secure and verifiable method of payment. 

    While some sellers may feel comfortable with cash transactions, others might prefer the security that a cashier’s check or an electronic funds transfer offers. 

    Whichever method is chosen, it should guarantee safety for both buyer and seller and be appropriately documented. 

    Selling your boat doesn’t have to be complicated. By taking the time to prepare your boat, setting a fair price, creating an eye-catching listing, and following through with the paperwork and payment securely, you’ll be well on your way!

    Don’t Want to Spend a Lot of Time?

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