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Enjoy The Lake & Protect Your Boat

Select Your Dock & Lift For A Custom Fit

A custom dock and lift from Valley Marine is the only way to protect your boat from the lake. Your dock and lift are customized to fit your new boat, your lake house property’s unique shoreline, and what your family needs to enjoy every day on the lake together. Your custom dock and lift will work together to keep your boat safe from the harsh weather in the Midwest and your equally harsh Uncle Don, who always has one too many cold ones.

Valley Marine ShoreMaster Boat Dock




Find RhinoDock Systems at Valley Marine

Whether you’re looking for single-slip docks to improve your residential waterfront property or multi-slip docks for a resort, campground, or restaurant – RhinoDock is the ideal choice. 

Its pre-engineered components and premium concrete decking offer increased stability and value to any waterfront owner. 

Plus, you can customize it with our optional roof system to fit nearly any dock layout or number of slips. When you’re ready to maximize your waterfront property potential, select RhinoDock from Valley Marine – where docks, lifts, and more await!

Aluminum RhinoDock Systems at Valley Marine

The incredibly durable Aluminum RhinoDock Systems are the perfect docks for any needs. These docks combine patent materials and custom components manufactured using advanced engineering and state-of-the-art construction techniques to create docks that last generations and increase your property value. 

The docks have lightweight yet strong characteristics and corrosion-resistant and low-maintenance features. If you want to add something special, an additional decking option is available with painted or woodgrain aluminum. 

Enhanced docks can be customized into multiple stroll settings, single-slip, or multi-step patterns. Even better, the docks have upper deck and roof options, including marine gable, A-Frame, and hip roof designs. Valley Marine has everything covered regarding durable docks and lifts – let them make the best of what you have!

How do you get started with your customized lifts and docks at Valley Marine?

In this video, Andy Winkler takes you through the process of creating and installing your very own customized dock or lift.  Valley Marine offers custom lifts and docks to store and secure your boat. Learn about lifts and docks that fit all boats, from fishing, pontoon, and wakeboard, with customizable features for your specific needs. 

Additions like patios, canopies, chairs, benches, or any other custom features can be added with our Professional installation team. Contact us Here to start creating a custom dock and lift today with Valley Marine