2012 MB Sports Tomcat

About This Boat

  • PCM EX 343
  • 305 Hours
  • Custom Cover
  • Tower Speakers
  • Tower Racks
  • Removable carpet
  • Zero Off Cruise Control
  • Tandem Axle Trailer
  • $49,999

The MB Sports Tomcat series’ alternative bow design, known as the picklefork, has not only redefined modern aesthetics in boat construction but also, without a doubt, set this series apart from its competitors.

Boasting bold lines, sharp angles, and a distinctively edgy appearance, the picklefork design captures attention and admiration wherever it sails. As a testament to its pioneering spirit, the MB Sports Tomcat series has become a game-changer in the industry, inspiring a new wave of progressive and contemporary vessels that are now proudly riding the waves alongside it.

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MB Sports Tomcat
MB Sports Tomcat
MB Sports Tomcat
MB Sports Tomcat