2004 Malibu Wakesetter VLX

Make:  2004 MALIBU


Engine: INDMAR 5.7

Color: BLUE

Dive into the world of water sports with the iconic 2004 Malibu Wakesetter VLX, now available at Valley Marine. This exceptional vessel is powered by a robust Indmar 5.7 engine, ensuring you have the thrust and reliability to carve through the waves or create the perfect wake for all your boarding activities.

Color: The Wakesetter VLX comes in a striking blue hue that gleams under the sun, turning heads whether you’re at full throttle or moored at the dock. Its eye-catching color complements the sleek design, making it not just a boat but a statement on the water.

Performance: Equipped with an Indmar 5.7 engine, this boat promises exhilarating speeds up to 48 mph, allowing you to reach your favorite lake spots in no time. Whether you’re aiming for high-speed thrills or leisurely cruises, the Wakesetter VLX delivers with unmatched agility and power.

Comfort and Capacity: Designed to seat 11 comfortably, this model ensures that you can bring along friends and family for the ride without sacrificing space or comfort. The interior and exterior have been meticulously maintained, showcasing the quality craftsmanship Malibu Boats are known for.

Features: From its integrated ballast system that allows for customized wake creation to the climate-controlled storage that has kept it in pristine condition, every aspect of this boat has been designed with the water sports enthusiast in mind.

Legacy: The 2004 Malibu Wakesetter VLX is not just a boat; it’s a piece of water sports history. With its legendary Malibu hull, it delivers performance that satisfies both skiers and wakeboarders alike, making it a versatile choice for any enthusiast.

Discover the blend of performance, style, and water-bound excitement with the 2004 Malibu Wakesetter VLX at Valley Marine. Don’t miss the chance to own a piece of the action. Visit us today and take the first step towards unforgettable aquatic adventures.

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The Wake Plus hull is engineered for each Axis model, with wave generating running surfaces and customized swim platforms. To customize your wake for the perfect run, push a button to fill the Hard-Tank Ballast system and add up to 1,000 pounds of wake-creating ballast.


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