Nobody knows watersports better than the people who live it.

Designed, engineered and handcrafted in the U.S.A. and Australia by the same people who’ve made Malibu the world’s number one towboat maker, Axis boats deliver Malibu technology and quality with extraordinary value.

We design Axis boats with direct input from watersports pros, the innovators and dominators of wakeboarding and wakesurfing who help keep us on the cutting edge of wake and wave making.

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Axis A-Series

The A-Series includes the world-class pickle-fork bow A24, A225, and the A20. Each Axis boat is built for small families or large crews looking to catch the perfect wave. Let your jaw drop as you watch the wave that all A-Series boats create.

Axis T-Series

Designed for wakeboarding and wakesurfing, the T-Series includes the T220, T235, and T250. Featuring a classically styled bow, the T-Series gives your crew plenty of room in the front and cuts through waves and chop effortlessly.


Proudly made in our state-of-the-art Tennessee factory with GM direct injection technology, the Monsoon line has a host of industry firsts that have taken the inboard engine world by storm. The Monsoon line includes three of the most powerful, cleanest, and quietest engines on the market – The LT4, M6Di, and M5Di.


The Wake Plus hull is engineered for each Axis model, with wave generating running surfaces and customized swim platforms. To customize your wake for the perfect run, push a button to fill the Hard-Tank Ballast system and add up to 1,000 pounds of wake-creating ballast.


With just the push of a button, you can adjust your wake with ease and instantly gain another 1,500 pounds of ballast displacement along with wake or wave customization and Lift Mode for faster plane times.