Malibu Boats: The Boating Choice That Will Change Your Life

Why Malibu Boats are the perfect choice

Why are Malibu boats the perfect choice for the lake this summer? Statistics for 2023 show that 11.9% of the Us population owns a recreational boat. The statistics also show that millennials comprise 31% of the people who own a boat.

Those who enjoy boating may want to look into Malibu boats. This high-performing boat is known for its power and agility on the water.

Malibu boats are among the most desirable of all the boats for sale in Omaha. This is especially true for those who want to enjoy summer riding on a lake.

Keep reading to learn more about Malibu boats; this boat is one of the best options.

History of Malibu Boats

This type of boat’s history is quite interesting compared to other options. Malibu boats were designed in 1982 by a group of friends who enjoyed water sports.

They created this new style of watersports boat unlike anything else. They went on to open up their own company and built and sold more than 100 boats in their first year.

It was the first of its kind and immediately gained popularity. Now more Malibu boat options are available depending on what we are looking for.

This is an excellent option for those who enjoy spending time on the lake. It is not your standard boat as it is designed mostly for speed and an enjoyable ride.

Mallibu boats for sale at Valley Marine

Things to Consider About Malibu Boats

Now that we are familiar with Malibu boats, there are specific details to consider. If we are looking for Omaha boats for sale, we want to know exactly what we want.

Like any boat, there are specific things that make this boat unique. It is essential that we factor in all of the pros and cons to understand better if this is suitable for us.

Even the most popular boat will not be the right fit for every boat owner.

Malibu Boats are Durable

A unique feature of Malibu boats is the fiberglass engine chassis system. This system removed the need for any wooden stringers in the boat’s build.

This is a patented system that has given these boats unmatched strength. They are very strong and durable with plenty of sound-dampening qualities.

Having this system has eradicated any structural defects in the engine chassis system. Many of these boats also have a lifetime warranty for the stringers, decks, and hull.

Those who want a dependable boat don’t need to look very far. An Omaha boat dealer will have even more information about why these boats are so durable.

Although, even these boats need proper care to stay in good condition. Even with such a dependable build, they need protection from the elements and any damage.

The upholstery should have a vinyl protectant, and the hull still needs buffing and cleaning. Those who own this boat should go off of the manual when it comes to maintenance.

Malibu Boats are the perfect choice this summer at Valley Marine


Another thing we need to consider about Malibu boats is their lifespan. This is a very important detail, especially when considering the investment type we are making.

Most boats have a very generous lifespan, but we want to choose one of the longest options. We already know that Malibu boats are built with strength and durability in mind.

How long our boat lasts depends on how well we care for it. Most boats can last for 10 to 20 years, if not longer, as long as they are high quality.

But we will need to make sure the engine is taken care of, as well as the exterior. Even the best boat brand will deteriorate if it isn’t maintained regularly.

There are certain things that we will need to do every time we use our boat. This will preserve its lifespan and keep it under its warranty in case something were to happen.


Water sports enthusiasts are most likely itching to return to the water. After a long winter, nothing feels better than taking our boat out for a ride.

It is important that we choose a boat that is going to be reliable when we most need it to be. Some boats can be quite unreliable and may even fail to start.

The good news is that these boats do not usually have these problems. They are made with an inboard engine with a very specific design.

Most Malibu boat owners do not experience any issues getting their boats to start. The new Malibu boat engines are the M5Di, M6Di, and LT4.

They offer the best performance on the market as well as fuel efficiency. They are very reliable, and these engines are even said to run much quieter.

Those of us who want a reliable boat to take out don’t need to worry about this type of boat. They won’t fail us when we are out on the lake or ready to return home.

Advanced Technology

Many may look at a boat and think that technology is a luxury addition. But those who are serious about watersports understand that boating technology is necessary.

The best boats have the latest technology that helps us to stay up-to-date. Malibu boats are considered to have excellent technology options.

The latest Malibu boats have the most advanced technology on the market. It uses Surf Gate technology that allows voters to create a wave on either side with just a touch of a button.

This makes driving this boat feel very modern and exciting. The technology that one would expect is also included for navigation and control.

Engine Power

The best boats are going to have significant engine power. This rule applies especially to watersport boats that are often used for their speed.

These bows are agile and can be used to create tricks on the water. To be able to do all of these things, they need to be able to have significant engine power available.

Malibu boats have engines constructed to deliver just that. They provide ultimate power that still allows us to have control and a smooth boat ride.

This reduces the risk of damaging the engine or the exterior of the boat in the process.


If we are looking at an Omaha boat dealership, we want the best boat option. This usually includes a boat that will maintain its value over time.

Some types of boats may start off at a high value but quickly decrease over time. This can happen for a variety of reasons between popularity and wear and tear on the boat.

After the first year, boats will generally lose 5% of their value over the next several years. Malibu boats are no different and will usually depreciate at the same rate.

This has nothing to do with the make or model or how reliable they are. This is just the reality of having a boat since it will become far less valuable as it is used.

Even a boat that has been well-maintained is still not considered to be very valuable. That is why it is best to simply enjoy the memories that a boat is able to bring.

It is also worth noting that there are no significant problems that are common with Malibu boats.

Who Should Buy a Malibu Boat

Those of us who want a surf boat may consider a Malibu boat. This is one of the top options that people usually choose when looking for watersport boats.

This is a great option for anyone who enjoys spending time out on the water. Malibu boats can be used in lakes and saltwater areas like the ocean.

They are ideal for those who enjoy actively boating during the summer. This is not necessarily a boat used for fishing or drifting around on the water.

If we want something exciting to get us out on the water more, this can be a great option. It is an option used by professionals and boating enthusiasts alike.

Where to Find Malibu Boats

Those of us looking for a Malibu boat dealer don’t have to look very far. Valley Marine has some of the best inventory available to choose from.

This company has Malibu boats for sale, whether we are looking for used or new options. It is easy to look through the options to find the type of boat we are interested in.

This can be far easier than going to a random boat dealership in our area. This can make it difficult to make an educated decision when we are simply walking around looking at the options.

Boat salesmen may also rush our decision and make it hard to think clearly. With Valley Marine, we can look at the options online before making any big decisions.

This is very important since buying a Malibu boat is a big investment. We want to make sure this is the right fit for our needs and that we choose the right model.

How Do Malibu Boats Compare to the Competition

The water sporting market is a very competitive market. That is why there are several watersport boats that we may be looking at at the same time.

The reality is that Malibu boats have a reputation that cannot come from mere popularity. This is a brand that is not necessarily old, but it has acquired massive popularity in its time.

These boats have exceptional quality and an eye for design. This is why they have continued to be the top option for those who enjoy intense watersports.

Benefits of Buying a Malibu Boat

There are many benefits when it comes to Malibu boats in Nebraska, Iowa, and beyond. This is the perfect boat for anyone who enjoys water sports and going at top speeds on the water. For those serious about boating, this is worth the investment.Interested in buying a new Malibu boat? Contact us today at Valley Marine for the best marine boat inventory and to get a quote.