2023 South Bay 523 RS Black & Dark Blue

About This Boat

Engine: MERC 200HP

Color: Black & Dark Blue 

Set your sights on the stunning 2023 South Bay 523 RS, a luxurious pontoon that combines performance with elegance, now available at Valley Marine. Powered by a MERC 200HP engine, this boat is engineered for those who seek both thrilling speed and effortless cruising on the water. Its sophisticated black and dark blue color scheme captivates the eye, promising to make a bold statement wherever you go. The South Bay 523 RS is designed with your comfort and enjoyment in mind, featuring spacious seating, high-end amenities, and a layout that’s perfect for both leisurely days under the sun and exciting water sports activities. This model represents the ideal choice for boaters looking to indulge in the perfect blend of style, power, and luxury on the water.

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