Winter Boating: How To Boat In The Winter

A boater's guide to surviving winter

Winter can be a depressing time for boaters. After months of fun in the sun, you’re stuck inside, dreaming of warmer days, and the long, cold winter months can be difficult for boaters who have to go without their beloved watercraft when they winterize their boat. 

This guide will help boat owners like you survive those cold winter months and maintain our sanity. This guide will provide you with some tips for how to make it through winter as a boater, as well as some practical advice on how to maintain and protect your boat throughout this cold season. 

Embrace Your Inner Landlubber 

If you’re feeling a little stir-crazy from not being able to take your boat out on the lake, why not embrace your inner landlubber? There are plenty of activities that you can partake in that will help ease the pain of being away from your beloved watercraft. Take up hiking in your local state park or go skiing at one of the nearby ski resorts! Just make sure to bundle up—it might be cold outside but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! 

Get Your Boat Ready For Winter Storage 

It’s important that you properly prepare your boat for winter storage if you want it to come out unscathed when warmer weather rolls around again. First things first—make sure that all fluids are topped off and all onboard electronics are turned off before putting it into storage, and there are plenty of storage options in Nebraska for your boat and boat service.

Also, be sure to cover any exposed metal components with anti-corrosion spray or wrap them in plastic sheeting so they don’t rust over the winter months with both indoor boat storage and outdoor boat storage. Finally, check for any potential leaks or damage before storing your boat away so that you know what needs to be addressed when spring returns and Omaha boating season is here.  


Opportunities For Winter Maintenance Work

Winter is the best time to do boat maintenance since you won’t be out on the lake, boating anyway. It’s cheaper than in summer when demand and prices are high. Dry dock boat storage makes repairs and upgrades easier. Doing maintenance in winter can get you excited about boating again when spring arrives. 

Winter Maintenance Tips For Your Boat

Before storing any boat for the winter months, it’s important to give it some TLC by performing regular maintenance checks. If possible, have a professional perform an inspection of your engine and all moving parts before putting it away for storage. You will want to have a qualified service center check all fluid levels, grease fittings, and hardware connections throughout the vessel in order to ensure everything is running smoothly when it comes time to take her out again in the springtime. 

Finally, don’t forget about interior components such as upholstery; these items should be properly cleaned and stored away until next season as well! 

Keeping Your Boat In the Best Condition 

Finally, while no one wants their boat sitting idle all winter long it’s important to remember that sometimes rest is necessary in order for anything—including boats—to stay in top condition over time. Take advantage of this downtime by giving your vessel a deep cleaning before putting her away for storage; remove any debris from interior compartments and check all seals for leaks or damage so that she will be ready once again when spring rolls around!  

Protect Your Boat in Storage

The last step before putting away your boat is making sure it has proper storage protection such as shrink wrap or tarps designed specifically for boats. This will help keep moisture out while providing some insulation from extreme temperatures both hot and cold. Don’t forget about keeping your trailer in shape too – make sure bearings are greased properly before storing them away as well!  

It Will Be Okay, The Summer Months Will Return

Although winter can seem like an eternity for boaters who are itching to get back out onto the water, there are still plenty of ways that they can pass the time until warmer weather returns. From embracing your inner landlubber by participating in outdoor activities like skiing or hiking, preparing your boat for winter storage, or taking advantage of maintenance opportunities while demand is low. 

You Will Be Back To Boating And Lake Life Soon

For all of us avid boaters who may feel lost without our trusty vessel by our side, just remember that there’s no shortage of activities that will help us survive the chilly months until spring finally arrives again! So we recommend that you grab a warm drink and cozy up, because as frigid as Nebraska winters might be, we’ll make it through together!

Valley Marine is happy to help you with any of your winter boat maintenance needs from service to purchase. Prepare for the warmth and lake life to return with our team, who are on standby and ready to get you back on the water fast.


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