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Are you looking for something fun and interesting to do on your next lake or beach vacation? If so, then you may want to try out water skiing. It’s one of the most popular and enjoyable activities that you can do on the water while also exercising your body. Water skiing allows you to glide along the surface of the water at high speeds as the waves of water splash around you. It’s an exhilarating water sport and best of all, it’s fairly easy if you a great swimmer and can hold yourself upright.

If you’re getting back into water skiing, or are new to the sport, choosing the right set of water skis for you can be quite challenging due to the wide range of water skis available today. Water skies have advanced quite a lot over the last few years, with the modern ones coming with newer technologies and better features. When choosing a water ski, here are a few features to look for.

1. Material

The first and most important thing to consider when buying your first water skis is the type of material used to construct them. Skis made of lighter materials are the best, and this is for a reason. You’ll find that a light ski is more responsive, easier to control when you are in the air, and also easier to flick into turns. However, you should know that lighter skis are usually more expensive, so you need to consider your budget before buying one.

Waterskis are made from many different materials, but most of them are made of a foam or wood core, which is encased in carbon-fiber, fiberglass, or even aluminum.

2. Flex

Another feature to check when choosing your set of skis is their degree of flexibility, as this will have a large impact on its stability and speed. Flexible skis are usually easier to turn but are generally slower, while stiff skis, on the other hand, are fast and stable but difficult to turn. So, when choosing a water ski, pick one that combines both these features, with a soft, flexible tail for turning and a stiff body for acceleration.

3. Rocker

The ski’s rocker is its shape from tip to tail. Most water skis have a slightly curved rocker to allow weight distribution across the middle body and also to allow the tip and tail to sit on the water surface. A more curved rocker enables you to make quicker turns, but it makes less contact with the water, which will slow down your ski. So if you are a beginner, choose water ski with a gentle rocker as it’s good for learning.

4. Fins

Water ski’s fins are designed to offer stability as well as help it maintain a straight line while in the middle of a turn. As such, the bigger the ski’s fin, the more drag it will create, thus offering greater stability but also slowing it down. If you’re skiing on rough waters, choosing skis with big fins is recommended. But if the water conditions are smooth, smaller fins will get the job done. Some skis allow you to change the fins depending on the current conditions of the water.

The Bottom Line:
There’s no doubt that water skiing is an interesting and enjoyable water sport. However, you’ll only have a good experience if you have the right equipment. Use the above factors to choose the right set of water skis for you.