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tips-for-selling-boat-fastMaybe you’re looking to upgrade to a bigger boat. Perhaps you’ve decided to put your boating days behind you. For whatever reason, you’ve decided to sell your boat. But how do you make sure you’re getting the best deal possible? What can you do to make sure your boat isn’t listed forever? In this post, we’ll cover our tips for selling your boat fast.

Make Your Boat Look Good

The person who first said “don’t judge a book by its cover” clearly wasn’t selling a boat. To generate the most interest in your boat, it must look as pristine as possible. Wash down the floorboards and wax the hull. Polish the metal and clean any furniture. Remove all your possessions. We could go on, but you get the picture. Remember that if your boat doesn’t look its best, people will think you didn’t take proper care of it. This will only lower the boat’s value in their minds.

Have a Maintenance Check-Up Before Selling

Nothing’s more awkward than having a potential buyer catching something wrong about your boat. Not only will they question its condition, but they might lose trust in you as the seller. Avoid this by having a service professional do a thorough inspection of your boat. Remember that even small part replacements, if necessary, are worth the price if it means getting the boat off your hands sooner.

Don’t Be Afraid to Stay Firm on Your Price

First things first: make sure you’ve done your research on pricing your boat (BUC and NADA are great resources). But once you have a price in mind, don’t be afraid to stand firm if someone asks if you’re willing to drop the price. This is especially true if they haven’t even seen the boat yet—after all, how can they properly judge what’s for sale if they’ve only seen photos? In your initial replies, remind them that they haven’t seen or driven the boat, and that you’re happy to discuss more in-person. This typically helps filter out people are trying to lowball you versus people who are genuinely interested in your boat.