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fall-boating-tipsJust because summer’s over doesn’t mean you need to stop enjoying time on the water! Indeed, boating in the fall offers many advantages, such as cooler weather and fewer people. In this post, we’ll share four fall boating tips so you can get the most out of your boat this year.

Plan Ahead

It’s easy to take the resources at your favorite lake for granted. But once the season’s over, you may find fewer open fuel docks, and fewer boaters if you’re ever in a bind. To avoid this, always make sure to fuel up before your trip. Double-check the weather forecast before heading out to avoid getting caught in cold fall rainstorms. Also, check your VHF radio in case of emergencies.

Lighting is Key

Gone are the long days once fall arrives. While you can call it quits earlier in the evening, who wants to do that? Make sure to bring waterproof headlamps and flashlights for everyone on every trip. Before taking off, also double-check your boat’s navigation lights and that you have flares on hand.

Stay Warm

While cooler weather is great during the day, it might get a little too cold once the sun sets in fall. Make sure that everyone brings jackets and hats (layering is key). Also, ensure that everyone wears lifejackets at all times. The cooler water temperature means an increased risk of hypothermia if someone falls overboard.

Stay on Top of Boat Maintenance

If you’re planning on using your boat into the fall, you must keep up with the proper maintenance schedule. Remember to perform your routine boat checks before and after every trip (floating fall leaves can also lead to intake blockages). Also don’t forget that this summer we’ve shared boat maintenance checklists, so be sure to check them out and stay on top of maintenance this fall!


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