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end of season boat maintenanceCan you believe summer’s almost over?! While there’s still some warm weather left, boat owners will have to start planning their end of season boat maintenance. Unlike the routine maintenance you’ve done all summer, end-of-season maintenance requires careful inspection of your boat. It’s important to catch any potential issues before storing your boat to prevent them from getting worse over the winter.

That’s why below, we’ve put together a list of all end-of-season tasks you need to complete before storing your boat.

Engine and System Checks

  • Check engine mount
  • Check engine antifreeze levels and freezing points
  • Check engine belts and adjust as needed
  • Check the power trim and refill tilt fluid if necessary
  • Check battery water levels
  • Change transmission fluid if necessary
  • Replace sacrificial anodes that are more than 50 percent deteriorated
  • Lubricate grease points
  • Add corrosion inhibitor to the heating system
  • Fog the engine
  • Treat the fuel with storage conditioner
  • Check steering for binding and kinks
  • Replace fuel and oil filters
  • Replace engine & genset zincs
  • Disconnect the hot water heater
  • Make sure the fuel tank is full before storing

Boat Interior

  • Clean freezer and refrigerator
  • Clean exterior light bulb sockets
  • Spray all light bulb sockets with anti-corrosion spray
  • Oil door hinges
  • Remove floorboards
  • Re-torque all bolts and fasteners
  • Vacuum all cushions and mattresses and place them upright if they’re going into storage

Boat Exterior

  • Check all hatches and ports for leaks
  • Close all seacocks before storing
  • Deflate all non-davit inflatable dinghies
  • Replace all hull, rudder, shaft and trim zincs
  • Touch up paint if necessary
  • Wash sand from the hull
  • Do a complete wash of the entire boat
  • Touch up cracked or chipped paint where necessary
  • Wax the hull and topsides that may be exposed during the offseason