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deck-boatIn our last post, we covered the advantages of the versatile pontoon boat. But of course, there are so many boat types to choose from, we have to cover others!

Related to the pontoon is the deck boat. The boat was developed in the mid-1970s when the boating company Hurricane added a fiberglass v-shaped hull to their boats’ designs. Since then, deck boats have become a popular option for boaters of all stripes. Let’s learn more about the advantages of deck boats below:

Deck Boats Have Great Handling

Similar to pontoon boats, deck boats have amazing handling, thanks in big part to that v-shaped hull. Riders can expect a smooth rate no matter the speed, while drivers can enjoy easy steering compared to other boats this size. If fast boating across the lake is your preference, a deck boat may not be for you. But when it comes to cruising along with family and friends, deck boats are hard to beat.

Deck Boats Have a Lot of Space

Deck boats and pontoon boats are quite similar in size. The general rule of thumb is that deck boats hold an average of 12 people, while pontoon boats hold 16. Still, that’s quite a lot of room! Deck boats also tend to have their seats arranged forward, offering everyone a similar view as they cruise along the water.

People Love the Style of Deck Boats

Another great advantage of deck boats is that everybody loves them! Today’s models are available in a variety of colors, graphics, and furniture styles. Deck boats have especially become popular with families. The reason? Deck boats are sold with different packages that feature different accessories.

Other Things to Keep in Mind with Deck Boats

Despite the many advantages of deck boats, there are some additional factors to consider, especially when compared to pontoon boats:

  • Price: Deck boats tend to be a bit more expensive than pontoon boats. Of course, specific will depend on the model and optional packages.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Deck boats also use more gas than pontoon boats. Be sure to consider your expected time on the water.