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in-season boat maintenance checklistIn our previous post, we provided an in-season boat maintenance checklist of tasks you need to do on every boating trip. However, the season is long, and eventually, your boat will require more in-depth checks and maintenance. It’s possible to overlook these more period checks, yet they play an important role in ensuring the long-term well being of your boat.

To keep better track of these more periodic tasks, we’ve put together another in-season boat maintenance checklist. Tasks are grouped by the recommended number of hours between addressing them.

Every 20 Hours

  • Clean the boat’s interior
  • Check engine operating temperature or check the engine for proper operating WOT RPM
  • Check drive and grease case for burnt lubricant and water
  • Treat boat fuel with decarbonizer
  • Clean water strainer
  • Check trailer wheel bearings for binding conditions, proper greasing, and unusual noises
  • Prevent cylinder wall corrosion by running the engine up to operating temperature

Every 50 Hours

  • Wash boat hull and deck
  • Inspect and clean boat cover
  • Check engine fuel lines for UV-caused defects and alcohol
  • Check fluid levels and check for leaks
  • Re-lubricate steering system grease points
  • Bleed hydraulic system
  • Check engine backlash (a.k.a. “free play”)
  • Wash out bilge
  • Check boat trailer for damage or rust and repair if needed
  • Check conditions of boat trailer wheels and tires (e.g. for tread or weathering)
  • Inspect boat support bunks and rollers

Every 100 Hours

  • Re-lubricate engine and drive grease points
  • Replace boat engine oil
  • Spray engine and drive electrics with silicone protectant
  • Check tilt fluid and power trim
  • Check engine mounts and swivel
  • Check steering bracket
  • Have the linkage and synchronization inspected
  • Replace oil filters, fuel filters, and water pump impeller
  • Touch up boat paint
  • Use storage conditioner to treat fuel
  • Check steering hydraulic system for kinks
  • Check steering mechanical system for binding or kinks
  • Ensure eyes (e.g. boat and stern), fittings (e.g. deck and rail), and cleats are tight and mounted properly
  • Inspect rub rail for damages
  • Repack boat trailer wheel bearings



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