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Boating offers everyone opportunities for better health and outdoor activity with family and friends. It is part of our nation’s culture and provides youth programs and numerous community boating courses. Owning or chartering a boat a great way to see and learn something new.

Recreational boaters count on water accessibility to enjoy the water and surrounding wildlife. They pursue activities from fishing to overnight boat camping. Because of the number of enthusiasts, our waterways are maintained including public launch sites and marinas with ramps and parking facilities. In the water, routes are clearly marked and maintained, channels are dredged, and marine charts are regularly updated.

When we think about boating, we imagine relaxing in beautiful natural areas with clean water and fresh air. We want to watch the fish, birds, and other wildlife. We might catch a fish for dinner, go swimming, or listen to the waves while soaking up the sun. There are times when we want to grab a few friends and learn new sporting activities.

What’s stopping you from seeking out the water? For most people, it is just getting access to a boat. In the US, there is one boat for every 17 people. Six of them may not be able to afford one, but they can still rent one. This minimizes the cost of ownership like maintenance and repairs. Timeshare boating is another option.

If you want to be able to walk barefoot on the sand, watch sea birds and dolphins with your kids, you need a boat to immerse yourself in the experience. You can go fishing, learn to ski or wakeboard, take your friends for a cruise, and appreciate the waters of the lake or coast. The benefits of boating are many.


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