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This list is broken down for different boater types. Shop at your boat dealer, marine store, or online. If you’re not too sure of the brand, model, or style, pick up a gift card and let them choose!

5 boating gifts that appeal more to the fisherman:

  • A fish finder has sonar computer technology that lets them know where the fish are hiding.
  • A portable fish cleaning station keeps the mess outside. It folds, includes a built-in sink, and a garden hose connector.
  • Marine binoculars are corrosion resistant and waterproof to locate the activity of other fishermen and see better in the fog, glaring sun, or salt spray.
  • Lure wraps are inexpensive and can fit in a stocking. Children and pets won’t accidentally hurt themselves around stored poles and equipment.
  • A brand new tackle box full of compartments, impact, and skid resistant.

5 boating gifts for the water-shredding sports fanatic:

  • A wakeboard package, kneeboard, or water skies may be a great addition to their growing collection of gear.
  • A dry case is perfect for smartphones and other devices that hate water.
  • Marine sound systems set the stage for even more fun.
  • Rugged waterproof footwear protects their feet on or off the boat.
  • Cool sunglasses or goggles to impress their friends.

When in doubt about their favorite brand or equipment, a gift card is your safest bet.

5 boating gifts for entertaining family and friends

  • Favorite nautical brand promotional gear like shirts, towels, hats, and coolers to create a theme for entertaining. 
  • Tubes and other towables are fun for everyone.
  • Waterproof covers for phones and floating key fobs.
  • Boating clothes that slip over bathing suits or dry quickly to go from boat to pier at a dockside restaurant.
  • Marine shoes and flip-flops are never a bad idea.

Happy Holidays!


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Photo Credit: Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels