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aluminum fishing boatAn aluminum fishing boat is a great decision for many reasons, such as weight, strength, maintenance, and cost. They run about 10’ to 24’ in length and can be used in freshwater or saltwater. Priced at roughly $26,000, they are usually much less than fiberglass boats of the same size.

Less Heft

The lesser weight makes aluminum boats easier to trailer, launch, and push off a sandbar. They move easily using a low power outboard engine. Smaller engines also save money and are environmentally friendly since they use less fuel and oil.

Solid Strength

Aluminum boats dent instead of shattering like fiberglass. That makes them stronger when they hit rocks or other obstacles and allows them to maintain their seaworthiness. Better quality aluminum boats are welded together rather than riveted. This way they last longer and spring fewer leaks.

Easy Maintenance

Fiberglass hulls can be designed with more curves and details, but an aluminum boat doesn’t need waxing and buffing to maintain a gelcoat. Just rinse the boat, scrub off the scales, and done. 

Always pay attention to hull thickness and deck construction. Boats around 16’ to 18’ have a hull thickness of around 0.01”, but heavier models can feature 0.0125” aluminum. Also, the inner hull side of the boat should be carpeted to cut down on noise, otherwise dropping a rod or tackle box could scare the fish away. Plywood decks may be less expensive but add weight and can rot if they aren’t maintained. 

If you like to fish in rivers, lakes, or open sea, fishing in an aluminum boat might be a great option. From skiffs to center consoles, you can chase bass, go after striper, or pursue mackerel. If affordability and function are what you are looking for, this might be the right boat for you.



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Photo Credit: Photo by Drew Farwell on Unsplash