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Pontoon BoatsThere have been many advances in pontoon tube design, building materials, and engines. They may have large decks covered with carpet or vinyl flooring materials with designs including lounge and bar areas surrounded by decorative side panels, but they are more than just a cruising party barge.  Some pontoon boats have as much as 900 horsepower and top speeds around 60 MPH with luxury interiors and performance packages that allow them to turn like conventional fiberglass-hulled boats. They range in length from 16-30 feet and cost about $47,000. Manufacturers build numerous deck configurations with options and add-ons. You can choose your type of seating, the color of upholstery, and flooring material. Then, pick your engine, add a waterslide, or joystick docking. There may be more than 20 different layouts, schemes, and graphics packages to choose from.  

Pontoon modifications include:

Upgrading a standard engine for speed depending on how much fuel you are willing to burn and the main boating activity you select. Adding performance pontoon packages to improve the turning radius and provide additional buoyancy for larger engines.  Installing electronics to integrate touch panel control systems, chart plotters, and other electronics including stereo sound and speaker combinations, as well as LED lighting packages that look great and provide safety in low light situations. Pontoons are most commonly used on lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. You can use them for all sorts of activities with different designs and functions.  

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If you are looking for a boat with versatility, a pontoon might be in your future. Now that you know the basics, you can design the perfect pontoon boat for you, plus a few friends, or family. You’ll have enough room for fast-paced watersports or a casual party cruise. Source: Boats.com, Pontoon Boats, https://www.boats.com/explore/boats/pontoon/ Photo Credit: Pixabay.com