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Tips for Boat BuyersLike many important decisions, this one requires narrowing your options. By listing different models in

categories and describing the features that are the most useful to you, the choice becomes more obvious.

  • Search online to get familiar with pricing for new or used boats that fit your needs
  • Compare dealership and boat show pricing

Boat shows give you a hands-on look at the features and available options while helping you find a trustworthy dealer. Asking questions on-site helps to compare dealer experiences. You may not know the exact boat that you want, but you can start with finding the kind of customer service you expect.

Consider and compare warranties. If they are transferable, you can use this as a selling point when you are ready to upgrade.

  • Look over the warranty, parts or components covered, and ask about the repair/service process.
  • Check reviews online for satisfied customers or ask for a reference.

If you are considering a pre-owned boat, have a marine survey done.

Document everything:

  • Take pictures of aspects of the boat that are important to you
  • Make notes about your thoughts
  • Involve your family with the decision
  • Compare features and brands to your original list
  • Rank your top choices

See how the boat handles on the water. Ask to test drive it with your family or friends in situations similar to your planned use.

The benefits of using your boat should offset the concern about the expense of ownership. Find out about the costs to operate, maintain, insure, and store the boat.

The right time to buy a boat is when you’re ready, whether it takes a week or a year. After you buy, sign up for boaters education courses or on-the-water training. Most marinas have a network of experienced boaters to hire for practice docking, launching and retrieving your boat. Good luck!



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