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Power BoatsPower Boats

Powerboats are all about speed and money. They often exceed $300,000 are propelled by a stern drive, high-horsepower, inboard, and outboard engines. They require expensive fuel, insurance, and maintenance.


Adrenaline junkies searching for the thrill of sight and sound at high speed feel the benefits outweigh the costs. The current trends focus on:

  • Performance-oriented V-bottom center consoles
  • V-bottom sport boats
  • Sport catamarans
  • Full-size catamarans

Performance Center Consoles

Lesser expensive boats include Baja, Donzi, and Fountain. The driving area is in the center of the deck leaving lots of open space for fishing. These boats can accommodate family and friends, have attitude, and reach speeds of 80 MPH or more. Too stylish to really resemble fishing boats, they rarely include a rod holder. 


More expensive boats include:


  • Cigarette 39 Top Fish
  • Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Powerboats
  • Marine Technology, Inc. (MTI)
  • Mystic Powerboats

Sport Catamarans

Twin outboards entice novices since they are easy to operate while veterans love the reliability. Driving lessons are encouraged before attempting to reach top speeds of 120MPH.


Popular manufacturers are:


  • DCB Performance Boats
  • MTI
  • Performance Boat Center/Wright Performance
  • Skater Powerboats

Full-size Stern-drive Catamarans and V-bottom Sport Boats

This type of boat easily handles rough water and is considered maximum performance for experts. The V-bottoms have more spacious cabins than catamarans, each top speed ranges from 100 to 150 MPH, and both exceed $500,000.

The most common are:

  • Cigarette Racing Team and Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats
  • Skater Powerboats
  • MTI
  • Mystic
  • DCB Performance Boats

These boat engines run fast and live a short life. New boats need major repairs or powerplant replacement within a year or two.  Have a marine mechanic examine the powerplant and drive unit of used boats prior to making a purchase. 

Construction quality including fiberglass, Kevlar, and carbon-fiber keeps your boat from chine-walking and shaking apart when exceeding 60-70 MPH. Do your research on the builder and the year of manufacture. When companies change ownership, quality can shift.

Look for clean showrooms and shops of owners or dealers for evidence of regular maintenance and good service. Always do a sea trial to test your comfort level in navigating the boat.

Know your budget and don’t cut corners on research, safety, or quality; they are worth the price.



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Photo Credit: Pixabay.com