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Boating Enhances Your WeekendSome people are just drawn to the water and weekend boating makes perfect sense. Getting out on the water is more than just fun, it’s a therapeutic mini vacation.  It doesn’t matter if you intend to relax and fish, grill at the local sandbar, or carve up the water with wakeboards or skis. Weekends on the water are sure to make memories.

You might start by renting a boat to experience a few activities like creating a floating island made of inflatable or foam rafts with friends or family. Dragging some smiling kids around in inflatable “tubes” is good for belly-laughs and challenging yourself to learn waterskiing is a fun way to stay in shape. Make a list of items or gear you will need from the marine shop or dealer and get started.

The great thing about boating on the weekends is that other boaters will already be out rafting up in the nearest cove, encouraging like minds join them for food, drink, and great tunes.  When you don’t feel like a crowd, cruise to a favorite waterfront restaurant instead. Nothing is better than stepping off the boat and onto an outdoor patio of couch seating, cozy tables, and sun umbrellas.

The social aspects of boating have created a need for designs that make it easy to include family and friends, like seating that swivels to view the swim platform, sound system options and controls, and numerous cup holders within easy reach.

If you find renting a boat each weekend is getting expensive, there are many benefits to owning a boat you may not realize.

  • The boat is available whenever you need it
  • You don’t have to keep track of time
  • It’s customizable for your specific use
  • Financing plans may make owning less expensive than renting is over time

From runabouts to jet boats, each can provide tons of weekend opportunities, so if you love water, think about spending your weekends on a boat.



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Photo Credit: Photo by Diana Aishe on Unsplash