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Fishing Areas in NebraskaIf you are serious about fishing, Nebraska has 424 acres of lakes and 41 miles of rivers and streams full of fishing opportunities. Whether you are an experienced fisherman or looking to try out a new hobby, there is something here for everyone.

Many of Nebraska’s best fishing locations are open to the public and can be easily found on the NE Guidebook public waters map. The NE lake contour maps describe the water depth and where your favorite fish spends most of its time.

The Missouri River hugs the eastern border of Nebraska for 400 miles and offers exceptional fishing and boating fun. There are more than 160 public access sites on both sides of the river.

Nearly 450 lakes and streams make deciding where to fish a little challenging. Nebraska boasts over 100 species of fish, including walleye, white bass, wiper, bluegill, brook trout, and channel catfish. Streams and rivers were the common landscape until dams were built to create thousands of ponds, lakes, and reservoirs stocked with different fish varieties. Permits can be purchased for 1-3 days or annually.

Lake areas designed for family fun have easy access to fishing piers, fishing trails, park and picnic areas, playgrounds, food and beverage, and well- maintained fish populations.

ADA approved facilities and parking accommodations are available. See the current fishing guide to find out about access to piers, trails, and boat launching areas. Some parks have newer facilities and better options.

Here are some helpful guides:



Get your boat on the water, pack your gear and snacks, and get fishing!



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Photo Credit: Pixabay.com