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Extreme Boat DesignsSome boats are simply one-of-a-kind nautical designs that test the limits of what a boat a can look like. Here are a few of the craziest ideas seen on the water.

The Sea Breacher can dive up to five feet beneath the surface and leap over a foot in the air. It can cruise while partly submerged at nearly 50 MPH. Unique paint schemes give it the appearance of an enormous sea creature or torpedo-type object as it passes by the marina using it’s 255 HP Rotax engine. The cost of looking this awesome is roughly $65,000.

The Planet Solar is powered by the sun using solar panels that can generate up to 127 HP to cruise up to 10 knots. It took $26 million to prove that solar power could take it on a trip across the world by sea. It’s a monster craft at 102’ long and 49’ wide, but peacefully undertakes scientific and promotional assignments.

The Earthrace navigated the world by water using biodiesel fuel rather than solar power. It set a record by accomplishing the trip in 60 days. The 78’ long trimaran was then transferred to the Sea Shepherd anti-whaling group and they renamed it, Ady Gil. It accidentally collided with a Japanese whaling ship in 2010.

The Maltese Falcon is one of the largest private sailing yachts ever made. Designed by Perini Navi, it has carbon-fiber masts to store furled sails that operate at the push of a button. The technology allows it to sail with a single crew member.

Gibbs Aquada is a combination boat and car. It only takes 12 seconds to convert it by pressing a button. The wheels retract and a jet drive takes over. A 175 HP, 24-valve V-8 has 2000 pounds of thrust and reaches 30 miles an hour. It’s priced around $100,000.

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Photo Credit: The Guardian.com