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Exciting Places for Boaters      Finding the right boating-friendly place to lives means researching places that have convenient public access while containing the activities and environment that make you feel right at home.

Seattle, WA

This large city is located on an isthmus between the Puget Sound and Lake Washington and is fed by the Lake Washington Ship Canal. It is a green forest of outdoor activities and the mild climate is great for boating.

  • The main harbor, Elliott Bay, attracts salmon anglers and is perfect for cruising. It is a launching point for those sailing to San Juan or Alaska.
  • Seattle has an official opening day of boating season calling all types of craft to the Windermere Cup Opening-Day Regatta and Boat Parade.

Columbia, SC

Columbia’s Lake Murray is a 48,000-acre reservoir used to provide electricity and drinking water and is a boater’s haven for water activities from skiing to cruising.

  • Lake Murray is known for huge raft-ups and poker runs.
  • Dozens of marinas with abundant landings and ramps are available.
  • Columbia claims one of the lowest costs of living in the US despite the upscale lake communities. It offers concerts, Broadway shows, museums, an incredible zoo, and botanical garden.

Green Bay, WI

This city was built from trading posts delivering goods by river and lake. Boating is still a big activity. It is the innermost point of the Lake Michigan bay, providing dining, shopping, and wineries. There is plenty of fishing and other boating adventure.

  • It’s known as a safe harbor to boat from the Door County Peninsula and across the Great Lakes as far as Mackinac Island or Killarney, Ontario.
  • Bay Beach Amusement Park draws more than a million folks a year with 18 rides and 25 cent tickets.
  • The Bayshore Park’s launch ramp access was cut through the rock of the Niagara Escarpment.

We think these destinations meet the definition of the <best places> for boaters to live!