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New Boating Trends


New Boating Trends

In the boating world, manufacturers have been coming up with better quality, comfort, and reliability using CAD designs, 3D printing and a host of new technologies. Take a look at some of these new trends.

Painted Tubes on Pontoons

Some builders have begun offering painted pontoons that don’t discolor over time. 

Outboard-Powered Deck Boats

Recent developments in outboard power create V6 outboards of up to 300 horsepower, making deck boats more popular. The new outboard designs offer more interior space.

No More Carpet

New synthetic flooring made from vinyl offers comfortable, non-skid surfaces that dry in minutes and are easy to clean right on the water.

Track Systems

Track systems are becoming standard equipment on fishing boats, installed on top of the gunnels or integrated into their design.

Ventilated Rod Storage

Storage lockers have a power fan to eliminate the mildew and smell that usually goes along with it. They can be controlled by timers.

Digital Dashboards

Touchscreen displays integrate with the stereo, engine, fish finder, GPS and more. Some are specially designed to be viewed from any angle, even while wearing sunglasses.

LED Lighting

LED diodes can last for many thousands of hours and are fully sealed to avoid corrosion. They can be tuned to different colors to change the look of your boat or increase your night vision when out after dark.

Bow Ladders

New bow ladders let you and your guests get to shore without wading through water or weeds.

Digital Engine Controls

Digital engine controls including shift and throttle systems as well as digital anchoring. GPS automatically holds the boat in position by controlling the steering, throttle, and gearshift while you fish or locate fenders and tie up dock lines.

Just like cars, boats are becoming more automated and easier to use.


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