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We know there are endless options and online boat dealers available to you when you are in the market for a new or used boat. But the broad array of boat dealers can be a little overwhelming and can create decision apathy when its time to pull the trigger on your newest floating fun machine.
However, online boat dealers open up the marketplace to price shop for the best boat deal and can help you get a good boat at a good price. We are not opposed to having competition.  Simply go to our main menu, select new or used boats, and chose your model from the drop down menu! Call for any questions. Have a weekend free? Visit our store to touch, see, and even test drive your next boat!

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If you find what looks to be a good boat for sale, online, but aren’t sure of the quality, its history, the make or model, or the legitimacy of the boat dealer, come by our offices and ask one of our consultants about your latest find. Our boat experts have a firm understanding of all the big players in boat dealing and can help guide you through the process. They can help you navigate through the ocean of variables that you need to consider when buying a new or used boat: pricing, financing, hidden dealer fees, along with key tips about all the best boat models of the past and present.
But don’t be surprised if you find a boat that fits your lifestyle and budget in one of our showrooms at a price that the internet can’t beat. We love how you can price shop our competition, and then realize that we offer the best deals on boats in Nebraska, and beyond.