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Nebraska Fishing Boats This is one of the most important questions when buying a new or used fishing  boat. There’s no easy answer for this question. It really depends on the make and model of the boat.  This is something our expert sales team can help you determine when you visit our new and used boat showroom.
Size doesn’t necessarily mean good stability, some 20-footers can handle tough seas better than boats twice the size.  But others can have a hard time with bad weather. Our expert team is knowledgeable enough to know how a boat can perform. But it’s best to test drive your boat on our lake first to get a better feel for it. We recommend you start out in calmer conditions and then gradually escalate the conditions when you have a better feel for how your new boat handles.
Of course, we never condone boating and fishing in extreme conditions and always recommend turning away from rough storms. But in the worst case scenario it’s important to know how to navigate in bad weather.
When talking to our sales team, ask about how each boat handles in rough weather.