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Freshwater fishing boats can range in sizes and specialization for small pond fishing to full cabin boats, best used for large lakes. For casual fishermen, we recommend a boat for general use, such as Jon boats.  Simple boats with a hull that contains bench seats.
Pontoon boats also make for good versatile use. Pontoons can be used for both fishing and water skiing sports. There wide open decks make it also possible for many different forms of fishing.
On the technical side, you have specialized freshwater fishing boats such as, dual-consoles and bass boats. Bass boats are the best for, you guessed it, Bass fishing! Due to their ability to cast shorelines for largemouth bass. However, they are very one-dimensional and can’t be used for water-sport activities like wake boarding.
We always recommend new and used pontoon boats for family activities and the recreational fishing trips. Our expert sales team is always on hand to help you make these tough decisions when trying to find a new or used boat that fits your lifestyle.