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Proper Boat Maintenance – Wash your boat after each boating excursion 
You finally bought a new or used from Valley Marine. Now it’s important to know how to best maintain your new boat. To keep your boat in proper working condition, every boat needs to be properly maintained.
At Valley Marine, we offer full-service boat repairs and routine maintenance.  However, most repairs on new and used boats are rather routine and can be done yourself.
Washing your boat might be the simplest task you can do. But it’s important to rinse it off with fresh water to remove residue. If you are boating in salt water, the salt can corrode the metal, fasteners, and other metal boat hardware. Don’t forget to use a long-handle, soft bristle boat brush and boat wash soap.
If you don’t have boat wash soap, you can resort to car wash soap – It works like a charm!