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Proper Boat Maintenance – Check the Propeller!

1-Prop-intro-picYou should always check your propeller as a pre-launch routine if you have an outboard or stem drive boat.  Use a deep ratchet to check the boat propeller for hazardous obstructions like fishing line. If you do find an obstruction in your propeller as your local boat dealer, we do a full inspection of the gear case.  This is not something you should do yourself. Gear cases have a tendency of leaking and our trained professionals understand the best practices for boat propeller maintenance.
While you have the propeller off of your boat, inspect it for damage. Any sign of impact, like dents, cracks, nicks and dents.  Any sign of impact damage can cause performance decline, wasted fuel and possibly over-stress the bearings, causing more total damage.  If you have a damaged propeller give us a call and bring your boat to our repair center and we will order you a new boat propeller and replace your old one quickly.
We know the faster we can get your boat in top performance and back out on the water, the happier our customers will be.
Finally, don’t forget to grease the propeller shaft with waterproof grease to prevent corrosion and possible freezing/locking.